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We understand that emergencies don’t happen on a schedule, which is why we maintain our service line twenty four hours a day to ensure that if an emergency arises for you, you have someone you can contact immediately and receive assistance to your issue. At Katy Garage Door Repairs, we understand the need to be able to feel safe behind a locked door, and when that safety becomes compromised, you want someone there who can help you immediately, this is why we make ourselves continually available.

Broken Opener

    If you pull into your driveway and hit the door open remote in your car and nothing happens, you can generally call it a dead battery or faulty remote. But if the door opener on the garage doesn’t work either, your garage door went from serving the purpose of keeping others out, to keeping you out. For these issues, and for those who don’t wish to park outside overnight, we have technicians standing by 24 hours a day to respond to your needs and address the problem day or night. Feel free to call at any time if facing this annoying situation.

Jammed Door

    If your door raises partially and then jams, or refuses to close after opening, often time something has transpired with the track, wheels, or chain. Narrowing down the list of culprits can be time consuming and taking that time out when arriving home late at night or otherwise, is often time we really don’t have. A quick call to our offices will find you face to face with a technician before you know it who will take over the maintenance of your door and allow you to get inside for some needed rest.


    A break in to your home is a frightening experience no one wants to go through. When burglars decide to go through (sometimes literally) your garage door, having someone there who can help you pick up the pieces is a huge benefit. If in the act of trying to get into your home, you garage door has become the target of entry or frustration, you can rely on Katy Garage Door Repairs to bring you a quick and efficient repair to your door. Once again bringing you the working and presentable nature of your garage door, and allowing you to put the matter behind you.

Door Dislodging

    If you accidentally misjudged the distance between your car and your garage door, or someone else has, then the damage your door receives will render it’s ability to operate properly null and void. Our repair technicians are masters as replacing your garage door back into it’s proper working order to once again operate fully. Sometimes these things happen, and in moments of fatigue or otherwise, coming home late at night, it can be highly frustrating to deal with. Allow Katy Garage Door Repairs to eliminate the frustration, and bring you home back to working order in quick and professional fashion.

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