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Garage Door Opener Repair

Possibly the most vital part of your garage door itself, when your garage door opener doesn’t work, then well, the door doesn’t open. Effectively canceling the effect of having a garage door in the first place, as you now are the proud owner of a new wall. When it comes to items surrounding your garage door that must be fixed immediately, there are hardly any that are as important as the door opener itself, which is why we at Katy Garage Door Repairs are highly experienced in all manner of door openers for all types of doors.

Manual Door Openers

    Manual door openers are great for their simplicity, you turn the handle, two separate levers unlock either jam on the side of your door, and the door snaps open, being able to be lifted. If this mechanism jams, becomes rusted out, or breaks altogether, the handle on your door becomes purely decorative as you futilely try to wrench it back into the open position. With Katy Garage Door Repairs, we have the means and materials to get to the root of your garage door problem and repair the broken manual mechanism.

Automatic Door Openers

    Automatic door openers can be a little more tricky, as they operate off an essential winch, short chain and cables. These parts working in unison allow your door to be opened and closed on command, but when one of these items decides to stop working or becomes damaged, it brings the whole system to a halt. Our service technicians are experts at all things automatic door opener, and being able to quickly root out the issue, allows us to quickly come up with a troubleshooting method and timely repair.

Hardware and Electronics

    From remotes, to side door openers, to the electronics in your automatic garage door opener, often these items are not easily handle by the layman, and having a trusted expert handle these at times intricate electronics will ensure that you bring your door back to operational standards in a shorter amount of time. If you have any issues with the responsiveness or efficacy of any of the electronic or hardware parts to your garage door system, call us today at Katy Garage Door Repairs, to see that the issue is brought to a quick and efficient resolution, giving you back control over your garage door.

24 Hour Emergency Service

    Katy Garage Door Repairs offers 24 hour repair service to suit your needs. If you find yourself facing a door opener issue at any time in your day or evening, don’t hesitate to call into our offices and request a technician. We have the absolute best in the business standing by day and night to bring you our industry leading service at the crucial times you need us most. Don’t resign to having to wait when you have the best in the city on standby just waiting to bring our experienced and professional service right to your garage door.

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