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Garage Door Roller Repair

Your rollers on your garage door are much akin to the trains running on a track, keeping the entire system of your garage door in proper working order. If one of those trains is broken, bent, or derails, it can jam up the entire system and keep your garage door from working effectively. When it comes to dealing with your rollers, you can trust the experts at Katy garage Door Repairs to bring your system back in line, and keep all your trains running smoothly and on time.

Roller Repair

    If one of your rollers runs off track, or break off completely, it can keep your door from operating properly, and may lead to further damages to your rails and otherwise in your garage door. Dealing with a roller that is broken or in disrepair immediately will get your garage door back to optimal working order and keep your door working correctly. Trusting the expertise and experience of garage door technicians at Katy Garage Door Repairs will ensure that the job is done right, and your garage door is working the way it should be.

Roller Replacement

    If you have a roller that has fallen off, or is in such disrepair that it needs to be replaced, you will find yourself soon with a fully working replacement roller after a quick call to Katy Garage Door Repairs. We keep many rollers in stock in our garage to ensure that we continually have you covered, no matter the make or model of your door. Whether home garage, or bay doors for larger businesses. We are here to ensure that your garage doors are rolling on time and in proper fashion with our speedy and expert service.

Grease and Bearings

    Maintaining the health and integrity of your rollers comes down to two factors depending on the garage door type, one is grease to ensure the movement of the roller is always continual and in proper speed, and the second is bearings that allow for a smoother roll, and adds life to your roller. With these two factors in cohesion, then the chances of your rollers becoming damaged or in disrepair lessens and allows your door to continue to operate to it’s specifications without issue. Katy Garage Door Repairs has the tools and the know how to bring the best of health and longevity to your door rollers.

24 Hour Emergency Service

    Ensuring that you continually have a garage door that operates the way it’s meant to is our ambition, which is why we offer our services around the clock. If you find yourself with a roller issue that is keeping your door from operating to it’s full potential at any point in time during the day or night, we invite you to call Katy Garage Door Repairs, where we have service technicians available twenty four hours a day to see to your door roller issues, and give you back a fully functional garage door.

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