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Garage Door Track Repair

We often compare the various parts that govern the movement of your garage door to those of a train, and if the rollers are considered the cars, then the tracks are the rails themself. Ensuring that these parts are in place for the rollers to operate on is paramount to having a door opening and closing correctly. Not only are these the proper locations for your rollers to operate on, but as well serve to hold the rollers in place and have them operate within a defined space.

Misaligned Tracks

    By governing where the rollers go, if your tracks are misaligned, that causes your door to operate under it’s own gravity and trajectory rather than on a predetermined path. Once this happens, over time, the rollers will eventually fall off the tracks, and you are left with a door on the floor rather than where it’s supposed to be. Having your tracks properly aligned by a professional with years of experience behind them, will ensure your tracks and rollers are working as intended, and your door is operating to it’s proper specifications.

Damaged Tracks

    If one of your tracks becomes damaged, then the same problem as above occurs, but also leaves you with a vital part of your door system in disrepair, which means the problem of your rollers continually falling off track won’t stop until it is repaired. At Katy Garage Door Repairs, we bring you the best quality service when it comes to repairing and replacing damaged tracks. We specialize in exacting detail, ensuring that your track and roller system is working to it’s full potential and giving you a garage door that doesn’t require a second thought to use as intended.

Unfastened Tracks

    Your track system is generally connected to either the garage door itself, or the wall on the side of your garage entrance. If something happens to the fasteners in place there, the weight of the door can take the entire system off, bringing the entire thing crashing to your garage floor. Having a professional deal with ensuring your fasteners are in place and held fast, will give you the peace of mind that your door isn’t going to suddenly decide it no longer wants to be a door. Trust the experience and expertise at Katy Garage Door Repairs to bring your tracks back into proper working order, and ensure your door stays where it’s supposed to.

24 Hour Emergency Service

    If you deal with any track issues that cause your door to become inoperable at any point in time day or night, don’t hesitate to call into our offices to take advantage of our 24 hours emergency service. We will have an experienced technician dispatched to your home quickly to deal with the issue and give you back control over your garage doors operation. We believe that it’s never too early or too late to have a garage door that you can feel totally safe and secure behind.

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