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Garage Door Cable Repair

The cables on your garage door work as the muscles, doing the heavy lifting and bringing your door up properly, and allowing it to go down at a speed that won’t break your door. When these features of your garage door become damaged, then your door goes from a portal of entry, to a barricade forever locking you out of your garage. Katy Garage Door Repairs are experts in dealing with these facets of your garage door, and bringing your door back to fully operational levels.

Broken Fastener

    At the end of each cable in your door is a fastener that joins it to the door itself. If these become damaged, broken or loose, then the steel cable may slide right out, losing all the tension that allows it to function. Replacing or repairing fasteners is a quick and easy job for our repair technicians, and one of the most affordable service calls you can make. If it is determined that your fastener is the issue, the matter can often be resolved in a matter of minutes. Our experts will
have your cables taught and working properly in no time.

Cable Replacement

    If a frayed or broken cable is the issue, the the repair may take a little longer, but not by a large amount of time. Our experts are consummate professionals when it comes to measuring, cutting and rethreading your garage door cables. Bringing your door back up to fully operational standards in short order. Cable replacement is a generally standard affair and will also be on the lower end of financial investment in repair. Having your cables working in proper order will once again have your automatic door opener working to it’s full potential.


    Steel woven cables are as susceptible to weather effects as any other form of metal that faces the elements. By using our patented rust proofing methods, you can rest assured that rust and weather wear on your cables will be the furthest worry from your mind on a day to day basis. Extending the life span and structural integrity of your cables will have them working to their full potential for a long time to come, and will give you the peace of mind knowing that you never have to worry about your cables randomly snapping due to rust or weather wear.

24 Hour Emergency Service

    Katy Garage Door Repairs offers a standing 24 hour response technician to assist you with any and all garage door malfunctions you may face. If you find yourself faced with a cable issue late in the evening, you can rest assured knowing that we have you covered. We don’t feel that you should feel unsafe at any point having to park outside, especially in the elements when you have a perfectly good and usable garage mere feet away. If you have a cable issue at any point in time during your day, feel free to call into our offices where friendly and expert staff are standing by.

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