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Garage Door Opener Replacement

When the decision has been made to replace or upgrade your current garage door opener, you can be sure that Katy Garage Door Repairs has your needs covered. We offer a variety of services spanning across multiple types of garage doors that will give you the most choice, and best options for your specific garage door opener needs. Whether replacing due to damage, or deciding to upgrade to an automatic door opener, we have the experience and expertise to handle your garage door needs.

Manual Door Opener Replacement

    If your previous manual garage door opener suffered a rust lock up, breakage, or you’ve decided to upgrade the look and feel of this specific door lock mechanism, we have the catalog you need to see. With a wide variety of looks and styles, we can bring you the perfect manual door opener to suit your visions. With our experienced technicians on the job, you can enjoy having your door opener replaced the same day we have the materials in hand. Trust the speedy and efficient work of a Katy Garage Door Repairs technician, and bring your imagination to life.

Automatic Door Opener Replacement

    Upgrading to an automatic garage door opener, or having a broken unit replaced can take varying time depending on the job at hand, but you can be sure that it will be done in a timely and efficient manner, bringing you back your full use to your garage door, and allowing you to get past any damage issues and move on with important things in life. If upgrading your current garage door opener, you will soon be enjoying the latest in technology allowing you complete control over your garage door from hundreds of feet away.

Hardware or Electronic Replacement

    If a circuit board or other part of your automatic door opener is the culprit, you can trust the experts at Katy Garage Door Repairs to quickly narrow down the trouble area and bring you a replacement service that will have your door up and running like new in no time. With the latest technology and a head full of automatic garage door opener know how, our technicians will get to the root of your issue quickly, replacing any malfunctioning electronic components and having your automatic garage door opener working to it’s full capacity again in a timely manner.

Parts Replacement

    Your automatic or manual garage door opener are both made of interconnecting parts that cause the whole mechanism to cease operations once one of them is out of order. Trusting the experience and expertise of a Katy Garage Door Repair technician will see your problem area rooted out, the proper course of action decided, and the repairs made in a satisfactory time frame that will transform your new wall into an operating door once more. We are pleased to bring the Katy area residents the best possible service in the garage door repair industry, and very much look forward to assisting you.

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